Tight or Loose Underwear: Which is better for guys?

Best Underwear for Men

Boxers or briefs? Tight or loose? How do we know which underwear is best for our bodies? In reality, the most important thing is comfort. This means underwear should be somewhere between tight and loose. So, what’s the best way to pick the best underwear for men?¬† Tight or Loose Underwear: Which is better for … Read more

Top 10 Credit Cards For Men Who Like Money (2022)

best 10 credit cards for men who like cash

The credit cards below have one thing in common: a great cash back rewards program. For men sometimes it just comes down to rewards we can easily understand – dollars and cents. Top 10 Credit Cards for Cash Back Without further ado here are our picks for the best cash-back credit cards of 2022. Pro-Tip: … Read more

Top 20 NBA Throwback Jerseys To Rock in 2022

best looking nba throwback jerseys to buy

NBA Throwbacks are by far the most wearable of all the professional sports jerseys. Hockey and Baseball jerseys are straight lame looking, while the NFL is OK but can’t even come close to competing with a dripping wet NBA THROWBACK. Related Reading: Best Fitted Hats for Bros | Kill Time and Love It With These … Read more

Travel Like a BOSS With These 3 Duffel Bags

best affordable mens duffel bags

Unless I’m going on an extended vacation or a snowboarding trip, I will attempt to pack as least as possible via the duffle bag. I love the duffle bag for one reason; you can carry it on the plane and avoid checking a bag. 3 Best Duffel Bags Here are five duffel bags dripping wet … Read more

6 Stylish Boat Shoes To Pimp This Summer (2022)

Boat shoes are the ultimate summer must-have. You can wear them at the beach, on the golf course, at a trendy outside beer garden, or of course on a boat! Best Boat Shoes To Buy This Summer Here are our favorite boat shoes you should be pimping this summer.   #1. Sperry Men’s Authentic Original … Read more