The 20 Most Valuable Comic Books On The Planet (2022)

The 20 Most Valuable Comic Books ever

Comic books provide an intriguing way of telling stories through words and visuals that offer a unique way of recounting historical events and anecdotes that give readers of all levels a sense of enjoyment. ┬áIn 1897, the first acknowledged comic book in history was penciled, titled “The Yellow Kid in McFadden’s Flats,“leading to the growth … Read more

10 Legendary Comic Books Worth Investing In

best comic books to buy invest in

We’ve all heard about an asset or commodity that became an overnight global sensation worth millions while everyone thought it was dead. It’s always a vexing piece of news to hear, especially when it’s accompanied by lost hopes of what could’ve been! In today’s world, digital art, such as certain NFTs, has become an example … Read more