5 Classic Sneakers Under $300 We Love

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When you are looking to invest, you should first set yourself up with an RRSP and traditional investments. However, once that is done, you can look at other more exciting investments with the extra money you have lying around. Sneakers are popular because they usually have a great ROI and look great on a shelf.

So, how do you go about investing in sneakers? While it is easy on paper as all you need to do is purchase sneakers and keep them in good condition, it is not as simple as that. You cannot go out to your local SportChek and purchase a pair of New Balance running shoes and expect to turn a profit.

No, you need to purchase sneakers that are going to increase in value over time. They need to be unique, and they should have a limited run.

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Another obstacle to consider when buying sneakers is the high base price. Even low-quality shoes cost around $50. As a result, high-end collector-quality sneakers are going to cost much more. So, it is crucial to find sneakers within your price range.

Fortunately, most people can afford to spend a few hundred dollars on investments. So, we will be looking at five of the best sneaker investments under $300. These are options most people will be able to invest in given the opportunity.

Top Sneakers Under $300

In the sections below you will find details regarding five of the top sneaker investments under $300. To come up with this list we considered several factors including ROI, brand, base price, manufacturer, and design of the sneaker.


1. Nike Air Force 1 Low ’07 Triple White

Nike Air Force 1 Low '07 Triple White

Nike is arguably the most well-known sneaker brand in the world. They are known for producing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing shoes for people to purchase. They have several options for people in all price ranges. As a result, it should not be a surprise to hear that they have high-end shoes for collectors to purchase.

However, not all high-end shoes command a hefty price, and that is the case here. The Nike Air Force 1 Low ’07 Triple White is an interesting option. The shoe celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1 by bringing back a classic all-white design in a style that is similar to the original. These shoes were released in July of 2022.

It is a simple but interesting shoe for people that prefer white shoes. The bottom or platform of the shoe is white with small rivets at the bottom. It’s separated from the rest of the shoe by a line.

Furthermore, the middle section of the shoe features the Nike logo. The lines are marked by rivets rather than another color so that the shoe remains all white. Finally, the top of the shoe where the laces are white too. You also should not be surprised to hear that the laces are white too.

This shoe is an interesting option because it is currently available below retail price. Its retail price is $150, but it can be purchased for less at other outlets. You should be able to purchase it for $120 on most third-party sites, but you can get it for less than $100 from some sellers.

As a result, you can purchase it now and immediately sell it for more. Alternatively, you can purchase it now while the price is low and hold onto it until the price rises, which we expect to happen.


2. Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 ‘Slate’

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 'Slate'

Adidas is another brand that is among the most well-known in the world. This company is known for producing and developing impressive sneaker lines for people to purchase. Most people use their shoes for workouts and other athletic activities, but they make high-end shoes as well. Notably, Adidas has worked with Kanye West on his line of Yeezy sneakers.

Yeezy’s are popular for several reasons. Each shoe has a unique design that is not similar to any other brand, and they come from one of the most popular rappers of all time. Those things put together make for expensive shoes for collectors.

The Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 ‘Slate’ is the second version of the Yeezy 350s. Release on September 3rd, 2022, they are still a new shoe on the market. At their release, the retail price was $230, making them an expensive but affordable option for collectors.

These shoes feature the classic fabric design from Yeezy sneakers. You can slip them on with ease, so the laces are mostly there for show. The platform section of the shoes are beige before reaching the beige coloring of the traditional Yeezy fabric.

In the middle of the shoe, you will notice a long black line. SPLY-350 is written in the middle of the line to indicate the version of the shoe. It has a simple design but a great one.

Even though these shoes have not been out for long, they have already increased in price. Recent sales have reached close to $300, and we do not expect that number to decrease in the coming months. Yeezy shoes always increase in value, and we expect the same to be true here.


3. Casablanca x New Balance NB 327

Casablanca x New Balance NB 327

When your first started reading this, you would have seen that we mentioned that you cannot go out and purchase any New Balance sneakers and expect a high ROI. That may be true, but we do not want to give the impression that you cannot get a good ROI from New Balance shoes in general.

New Balance is still one of the premier sneaker brands in the world, and as a result, it should not be surprising to see their shoes on this list. Today we will be looking at the Casablanca x New Balance NB 327 and why they are a great investment option under $300.

Released in September 2020, this sneaker has been out for a while. As a result, we have a better idea of how it will rise in price over the next few years, unlike the previous two shoes on this list.

Its retail price is listed at $170, but it is no longer sold by traditional New Balance outlets. As a result, you need to purchase it from a third-party seller if you want the shoe. This factor has pushed the price up by a small margin.

Sellers consistently sell these shoes for over $200, and as much as $220. So, just two years after their release, these shoes have increased in value by around $50.

The shoes have a cool design that is similar to the all-white Nike sneakers we were looking at earlier. These shoes are nearly all white, but there is an exception. The New Balance logo is white, but it has a green border. As a result, it stands out compared to the rest of the shoe, giving it a unique look.




As we mentioned when discussing another pair of Nike sneakers, Nike is arguably the most popular sneaker brands in the world. So, it would be criminal not to include a second pair of Nike shoes on our list of the top sneaker investments under $300. Here we will be looking at some Air Jordans.

Air Jordan is a sub-brand of Nike created by Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is of course famous for his play on the basketball court and is universally regarded as the best basketball player of all time. There might be some debate around LeBron James surpassing him, but he is an all-time great regardless.

One thing you cannot argue if you are a LeBron fan is Michael Jordan has undoubtedly had a bigger impact on the world of sneakers. His shoes have dominated the minds of sneaker fanatics for over two decades. Every year his sneakers fly off the shelves when new versions come out. As a result, they are among the best options for investors.

These shoes were released at the end of 2021 with a retro design. They feature black and red leather with Air Jordan’s signature woven Nike Air tongue labels. Additionally, it features a classic Wings logo on the collar, and a white with red Air sole to complete the retro design.

The retail price for these shoes is $170, but less than a year later they have increased in price by a significant margin. Recent sales have hovered around $220 to $230, and that number is not decreasing. If you purchase these shoes now, they are likely to increase in value before you sell them several years down the line.




We will close out our list of the top five sneaker investments under $300 by going back to Nike. Nike is by far the best brand for collectors to purchase from. They have high-end shoes, and that is the case here with the Nike DUNK LOW ‘UCLA’ sneakers.

These shoes are certainly the flashiest options on this list as they feature a beautiful blue and yellow design. These colors are reminiscent of the University of California Low Angeles (UCLA). Its upper is made of university gold leather, and blue leather overlays.

The tongue has gold with blue detailing, but the midsole changes things up with a white line to break up the shoe.

These shoes were released at the beginning of August 2022. Its retail price is listed at $100, but third-party sellers are already selling it for much more. Recent sales have reached $170, and that number is not likely to decrease any time soon.

Something that is important to remember is that prices are much more volatile in the first month after a shoe is released. Scalpers often purchase all of the available shoes to drive up the price early on when people want them.

Fortunately, enough time has passed that we are likely passed that period. As a result, the price appears to have stabilized and will likely steadily increase over the coming months and years.


Investment Outlook

Investing in shoes is a lot of fun, but it can be volatile. Shoes do not follow a consistent price graph like many investments on the stock market. As a result, it is crucial to invest in other things before you invest in more volatile items like sneakers.

It is also not cheap to invest in sneakers. If you want to make an investment, you should purchase several copies of the item you want to purchase. In the case of sneakers, you will want to buy several pairs.

One pair of sneakers is likely to cost you $100 at a minimum. As a result, 10 pairs will cost you at least $1000. So, with expenses that high, it is essential to find options with good value like the five we listed above.

While sneaker volatility might scare you, you can look at the five examples above as safe options. They come from reputable brands with previous examples of shoes that have increased in value significantly over several years.

When you are ready, purchase the sneakers you like and keep them somewhere safe. You need to keep them in pristine condition so that you can sell them for as much as possible. If you do, you can make a lot of money.

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