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Top 20 NBA Throwback Jerseys To Rock in 2022

NBA Throwbacks are by far the most wearable of all the professional sports jerseys.

Hockey and Baseball jerseys are straight lame looking, while the NFL is OK but can’t even come close to competing with a dripping wet NBA THROWBACK.

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20 Best NBA Throwback Jerseys

Thus here is the undisputed top 20 NBA Throwback Jerseys To Rock in 2022. Agree? Disagree? Please leave a comment.


#1. 1993 Orlando Magic Throwback (Shop Now)

Top 10 NBA Throwback Jerseys

In my opinion, the 1993 Orlando Magic jersey is the best-looking jersey of all time.


#2. 1984 Los Angeles Lakers Throwback

best nba throwbacks

The 1984 White LA Lakers jersey looks sick when paired with white pants or white shorts.


#3. 1994 Phoenix Suns Throwback (Shop Now)

phoenix suns nba throwback

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If you purchase the 1994 Suns throwback (which you should) the only last name to consider starts with a B and ends with a Y.


#4. 1982 Boston Celtics Throwback (Shop Now)

1980 boston celtic throwback

The first of multiple Celtic throwbacks.


#5. 1966 The City Throwback

the city throwback

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“The City” Golden States NBA throwback jersey is more art than uniform.


#6. 1996 Philadelphia 76ers Throwback (Shop Now)

nba throwbacks sixers

Another NBA throwback jersey you should buy for the name… “We talking about practice. Not a game. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it’s my last. Not the game. We talking about practice, man” – AI


#7. 1984 Chicago Bulls Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

nba throwback jerseys bulls michael jordan

The best-selling jersey of all time in all of the sports. I have never been a big Bulls fan but the numbers don’t lie, MJ is the best ever… by a mile.

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#8. 1997 Toronto Raptors Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

nba throwback toronto raptors vince carter

Vince Carter was why I started watching ESPN Sportscenter in the mornings. Now ESPN sucks but you better believe I’m still rocking my Vince Raptors jersey.


#9. 1996 Utah Jazz NBA Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

utah jazz nba throwback jersey

I don’t care for the 1996 Utah Jazz NBA throwback, but I’m alone on an island as it’s one of the top sellers of all time.


#10. 1975 New York Nets Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

julius erving throwback jersey

dr j throwback jersey

The 1975 Nets Jersey would make for the perfect 4th of July outfit. Pair it with comfortable blue or white shorts.


#11. 2001 Sacramento Kings Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

chris weber nba throwback jersey

Chris Weber was a beast in college and was pretty damn good in the pros as well. An underrated jersey/player in my opinion.


#12. 1998 San Antonio Spurs Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

1998 San Antonio Spurs Throwback Jersey

This 1998 Spurs alternative jersey is my favorite “alt” jersey of all time. The only question I have is how in the world did the organization get Gregg Popovich on board with these colors.


#13. 1997 Minnesota Timberwolves Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

minnesota twolves throwback jersey

You better believe I recommend getting this with Garnett on the back of it. KG is still the most intimidating player I have ever seen to this day.


#14. 1994 Seattle Sonics Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

1994 gary payton sonics throwback jersey


#15. 1966 Phila NBA Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

nba phila throwback jersey


#16. 1991 Portland Trailblazers Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

1991 portland blazers basketball throwback jersey


#17. 1984 Los Angeles Lakers Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

1984 magic johnson los angeles lakers throwback jersey

lakers purple throwback nba jersey

Look like a pimp on a hot LA summer night with the Yellow or Purple Lakers throwback jersey from 1984.

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#18. 1962 Boston Celtics Throwback Jersey (Shop Now)

bob cousey celtics throwback jersey

boston celtics throwback jersey

A second Boston Celtics jersey showing up on our list is not a surprise as it’s not only one of the most iconic jerseys in the NBA but the entire sporting world.


#19. 1993 Houston Rockets Throwback Jersey

1993 houston astros throwback jersey


#20. 1975 St. Louis ABA Moses Malone (Shop Now)

1975 spirit of st. louis throwback jersey


What is the coolest NBA throwback jersey?

What is the top selling throwback NBA jersey of all time?

The top-selling NBA throwback jersey of all time is the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey in red or white. This iconic jersey has been the best-selling NBA throwback jersey for years, followed by the Kobe Bryant LA Lakers throwback jersey.

Do people still wear throwback jerseys?

YES! People still wear throwback jerseys in all sports, but in particular, the NBA throwback jerseys have been the most sought after.

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