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12 Crazy Expensive Pokemon Booster Boxes Worth Investing In

A Pokémon booster pack contains a whopping 10 to 62 random cards. It is similar to a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Each of the cards in the package has a rarity ranging from common (cards that are frequently included) to super rare (cards that are least frequently included).

Most booster boxes have at least six common cards, three less common ones, and one or a few rare Pokemon cards. However, the list of the cards below is made up of several rare and super cards, which drives the price of the booster packs to unimaginable values.

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The most expensive booster boxes are no longer in production, which makes the good quality ones on the market from that production run very expensive. If you are a collector or just want to invest in a pack that is worth the money and is likely to be more valuable, consider any of the booster boxes below.


1999 Wizards of the Coast Pokemon Fossil 1st Ed. Booster Box ($8k+)

Wizards of the Coast Pokemon Fossil 1st Ed. Booster Box

This Fossil set was released in October of 1999 and contains 62 cards. The Pokémon Fossil was the first edition released by Wizards of the Coast. The price currently stands at nearly $9,000.

Among the cards are rare Holo, rare, uncommon, and common cards. The popular common cards in the package include Mysterious Fossil, Recycle, Gambler, Energy Search, Zubat, Slowpoke, and Omanyte.

On the other hand, the uncommon cards include Mr. Fuji, Weezing, Slow Bro, Tentacruel, Seadra, Sandslash, and Magmar. The rarer cards that are unique to this pack include Aerodactyl, Articuno, Ditto, Dragonite, and Gengar. Other rarer cards in the collection include Haunter, Hitmonlee, Hypno, and Lapras, among many others.

The Holo rare cards that are included in the package include the dragon-faced Aerodactyl, the white dragon artwork Articuno, and the super rare purplish Ditto. Collectors also love the golden flying dragonite or the purple Gengar. Besides, you will get the unique Hypno, Hitmonlee, and Hunter.

Given the super rare nature of the booster packer and many of the holo-rare cards included in the package, the price is likely to jump even higher in the coming days.


1999 Pokemon Base Set 1 German 1st Edition Booster Box WOTC ($13k+)

Pokemon Base Set 1 German 1st Edition Booster Box WOTC

Another amazing package that was created in 1999 was the Pokémon Base Set 1, German 1st Edition. The reason why the booster box is very expensive is that it was made for the German market only. Besides, there were only a limited number in the first edition. Given that the booster box is so rare, it goes for over $13k. It may also take some time to find one that is up for sale.

This pack contains 11 cards. These cards include one rare card, three uncommon cards, five common cards, and two energy cards. There could be a Holo card among the rarer ones. However, the chances of getting one are around 30%.

Some of the sought-after cards that you may find in your booster package include Venusaur, also called Bisaflor, a green and golden card, Mewto, a violet noon-starter evolution with a Holo finish; and super delicate. Also in the package is the Squirtle (also called Blastoise), a turtle character in the base Pokémon series.

However, the package lacks some of the popular characters that were introduced later in the series, such as the Glurak (the Dark Charizard introduced in 2000) In its place, you will find the Holo Glurak card.


2003 Pokemon Factory Sealed Ex Sandstorm Booster Box ($8k+)

2003 Pokemon Factory Sealed Ex Sandstorm Booster Box

The 2003 Pokémon Factory Sealed Ex Sandstorm Booster Box is a rare booster box as only a few are still available in perfect condition. The original box contained 36 packs and nine cards per pack (the card numbers were reduced from the 2002 edition) It currently goes for about $8,500 on the market.

Every pack comes with one foil card, one rare card, five common cards, and two uncommon ones. If you’re trying to grasp Pokémon-e TCG and are hunting for a fresh set of Pokémon skills and tactics.  In Pokémon battles, EX Sandstorm is chock full of great implements and weapons. The Multi-Energy card in EX Sandstorm provides a significant advantage to decks that utilize a variety of Pokémon types. It is also a great collectible that is quite rare due to the length of time since the last production.

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2010 Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver Unleashed Booster Box ($3k+)

2010 Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver Unleashed Booster Box

The 2010 Pokémon Heart Gold Soul Silver Unleashed Booster Box comes with 36 booster packs. Each of the Heart Gold Soul Silver Unleashed booster packs comes with 10 randomly inserted cards. HeartGold & SoulSilver Unleashed was the second significant expansion of the HeartGold & SoulSilver series, but does not have a Japanese equivalent. Here are some of the most common cards, including

Entei & Raikou Legend (Ultra Rares #90 & 91), Raikou & Suicune Legend (Ultra Rares #92 & 93), Suicune & Entei Legend (Ultra Rares #94 & 95), Tyrannitar [Prime] (Ultra Rare #88) and Steelix [Prime] (Ultra Rare #87). Given the high number of ultra-rare cards that are in the packs, this booster box is over $3,000! Some of the characters that came up in 2010 include Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. The promotional artwork on the booster packs and its theme decks is provided by Kawayoo.


Pokemon Black & White Dragons Exalted Booster Box ($2.5k+)

Pokemon Black & White Dragons Exalted Booster Box

Each Pokémon Black & White Dragons Exalted Booster Box contains 36 booster packs. The set was created to introduce the new types of dragons; black and white dragons exhausted. It features a collection of more than 120 cards. Among them are two versions of the Pokémon EX cards that include the rarer ultra-cards.

You will also find cards that are outside the Unova region. These characteristics make the cards ultra-rare and a great addition to any Pokémon fan’s collection. However, be prepared to pay almost $3k for the booster box.

Black and White Dragons Exhausted introduced monsters that were hitherto not in the game, including Rayquaza-EX, Garchomp, Giratina-EX, and Hydreigon. These are mixed with dragon-type Pokémon to enable multi-type energy attacks. All these are presented in attractive artwork, most of which is unique to the set.


2014 Pokemon TCG XY Flashfire Booster Box ($2.5k+)

2014 Pokemon TCG XY Flashfire Booster Box

The 2014 Pokémon TCG XY Flashfire Booster Box contains 36 packs with over 100 cards. It contains all the leading EX dragon characters, including Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Charizard Y, Mega Charizard X, and Pyroar. The Mega Charizard includes one fire type and a dragon type. This booster box has the original artwork for the expansion series with a mix of the old and new styles.

It also comes with five Pokémon EX cards, along with 25 other cards from the Pokémon X and Y video games. Other cards in the packs include 15 trainer cards where you get stadium, new item and supporter cards. This series came out in 2014 and is one of the very rarer items on the card trading market. This has pushed the price to a whopping $2.6k.


Pokemon Black & White Noble Victories ($2k+)

Pokemon Black & White Noble Victories Box

The Black & White Noble Victories are the third main expansion of cards from the Pokémon Black and White Series. The expansion set includes 102 cards in English or 72 in Japanese. The expansion set was first released in November of 2011 with a choice of two theme decks; Fast Daze and Furious Knights. The set still contains the fifth generation Pokémon. Getting a full box is quite hard. This has caused the price of the available ones to climb quite fast. The boxes are now selling for over $2K across different platforms.

This package contains 90 amazing Pokémon, among which include the victory Pokémon Victni, legendary Pokémon, and the new fossils. Other cards in the pack include Leavanny, Karrablast, Shelmet, Cryogonal, and Virizion. There are also holo-rare cards such as Hydreigon, Ladorus, and Terrakion.


Sealed Phantom Forces Booster Box ($1.5k+)

Sealed Phantom Forces Booster Box

The Phantom Forces Booster Box features an expansion set that was released in 2014. The package contains 122 cards, of which three are secret rares. Some of the more valuable cards include the 15 Pokémon EX, four of which are Mega EX Pokémon. Some of the rare Holo EX cards include Manectric EX, M Manectric EX, Gengar EX, and M Gengar EX. These cards are also replicated among the three secret cards.

This package also contains several rare Holo cards, including Gigalith, Gourgeist, and Chandelure. There are several other rare and sought-after cards in the pack. However, the availability of the secret cards is largely dependent on whether you get a parallel or standard set. This has seen the price move to a whopping $1.5K plus, with most collectors failing to get a fully intact box.


1999 Topps Pokemon Series 1 TV Animation Booster Box ($1k+)

1999 Topps Pokemon Series 1 TV Animation Booster Box

This booster box contains cards from the Pokémon TV animated series that aired in 1999. This is a perfect pack for anyone looking for unique animations and graphics. In the recent past, there has been an interest in the limited production, which has caused the price to go past the $1000 mark. The box comes with 11 packs and is an exclusive release of the first edition of the TV animation series.

All the cards in this starter deck are standard. They are manufactured by Topps and contain original character graphics that were shown in the animation series. It is like re-watching your favorite characters, but now on the cards. There are seven trading cards and one foil one. You may come across either the red or the green label.


1999 Topps Pokemon Cards First Movie Booster Box ($500+)

1999 Topps Pokemon Cards First Movie Booster Box

This was another first from Topps, which featured animated characters from the first Pokémon movie. The box has 72 cards, 41 of which feature scenes from Mewtwo Strikes Back. A further 18 cards feature scenes from Pikachu’s Vacation. There are also 12 evolution cards in the pack.

To top off the list, the manufacturer has also added 30 bonus cards, which are also known as chase cards. These cards are not included in the accompanying checklist. The 12 evolution cards are die-cut and embossed, giving them a particularly unique look and feel. There are also 18 sticker cards in the package.

You will get 36 packs in the booster box. Eight of the cards will be trading ones, and there will be a foil one per pack. If you loved watching the classic show, this is a great investment. Furthermore, given the scarcity of these booster boxes on the market, the price is likely to rise above the current $500 mark in the near future.


2002 Pokémon Expedition Booster Box, Factory Sealed ($34k+)

This Pokémon box was produced in 2002. The original package contained 36 packs and is one of the rarer items in the Pokémon card market. No wonder the package has been going for a whopping $34,000. Most of the time, the only items available on the market are a few packs that also sell at astronomical prices.

The 2002 Pokémon cards introduced the technical machine cards, which allowed the character attached to be used as an attack as specified in the card. These cards are either known as poker power or poker bodies. You will also notice the updates on the cards compared to the 1999 and 2000 ones. The cards have larger left and bottom borders for use in the Dot Code technology, and the artwork window is rounded on the left.

Each booster pack in the box has the least number of cards in the collectables after they were reduced from 11 to nine cards. The cards are five common ones, two uncommon ones, one reverse Holofoil and one rarer card. Some booster packs also come with a rare Holo card instead of a rare one. If you find a rarer Holo card, you will find it in a non-holo foil version as well.


Australian Pokémon Red Logo Fossil Booster Pack Art Set, 1999-2000 (2.2k+)

This was a limited production red logo pack for the fossil collection that was printed between 1999 and 2000. The booster box was meant for the Australian market. This made it one of the rare boxes to find on the card trading market. Over the years, its price has skyrocketed to over $2.3k. There is a similar box made for the Jungle expansion.

Apart from the red logo on the pack, these are 1999–2000 fossil cards. There are no error cards or the “red logo” on the cards. Therefore, the value of the box comes with its packaging. Some of the characters that you will find on the booster box include the super rare Lapras, along with Aerodactyl, Articuno, Ditto, Raichu, Hypno, Muk, Gengar, and Hitmonlee, among others.

If you are a collector, an enthusiast, a trader, or just want to have a collection of the best Pokémon cards from history, consider picking up some of the boxes above. The prices may move up as the demand for some of the rare booster boxes goes up.

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