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Original Pokemon Cards Worth A Small Fortune in 2022

Card prices have exploded recently; it hasn’t only been sports cards. Other collectible cards have seen a rise in price that has opened many people’s eyes to their potential as an investment option. Pokemon cards have seen a rise in price and popularity, making people go check their collections to look for any old gems.

Pokemon played a significant role in the childhood of many different people, and the cards have a significant nostalgia factor for many. For those looking to invest in Pokemon cards potentially, it’s the first edition cards that are most interesting. These were the first Pokemon cards released and have the most value because they are originals. They are older cards and can thus be subject to some general wear and tear.

Pokemon cards come in three different types: Pokemon, Energy, and Trainers. The original set had all three of these different cards within it. However, most of the valuable cards are those of Pokemon. Pokemon cards are a worldwide phenomenon, more so than the cards from the major North American professional sports leagues. This means a larger market for their purchase and more potential buyers.

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Only sixteen different holographic cards were released for the original set, and each of those sixteen had short print runs. When combined with the fact that many suffered from various printing issues, the end effect is that there aren’t many holographic cards in good condition. This has resulted in high prices for these cards and a good investment opportunity.

Top Five Cards

There were plenty of different Pokemon cards released in the original set. For investors who may not have great knowledge of Pokemon yet still want to get in on the investment opportunity, it can be hard to know which ones are strong options. We’ve listed out five of the absolute best Pokemon investment options right here.


First Edition Holographic Charizard Pokemon Card

Charizard is one of the fan favorites among Pokemon cards, so it makes sense that at least one of his cards would be on the list. This card shows Charizard, a giant dragon, blowing fire out of his mouth.

The only attack listed is Fire Spin, which requires four fire energy cards. Above that attack is Charizard’s Pokemon Power which is named Energy Burn.

Charizard is the fully evolved version of Charmander, one of the three starter Pokemon.

This is one of the most valuable Pokemon cards ever made and a great investment choice for those looking to take advantage of Charizard’s popularity.


First Edition Holographic Machamp Pokemon Card

Second on this list is this holographic Machamp card. He has four arms and plenty of muscles and is a fighting-type Pokemon.

Machamp is the fully evolved version of Machop. This card shows Machamp standing with his arms out and looking ready for a fight. This is the only fighting-type Pokemon card that made it onto this list.

A great investment option for those not looking to shell out the dollars needed for a card like Charizard, Machamp is a bit cheaper but still a good choice.


First Edition Holographic Alakazam Pokemon Card

Next up on the list is Alakazam, who is the final evolution of the Pokemon Abra.

He’s a Psychic-type Pokemon, the only one on this list, and has an attractive purple color scheme.

He has one attack, and it’s named Confuse Ray. It takes three of his energy types to perform, and it does thirty damage and has a possible effect.


First Edition Holographic Blastoise Pokemon Card

Next up, Blastoise is the fully evolved version of Squirtle, a starter Pokemon. That makes Blastoise the second on this list to have that honor, along with Charizard.

Blastoise is a sizeable turtle-like creature with some water blasters in his shell. The card has one attack named Hydro Pump, which requires three water energy cards.

Blastoise is another Pokemon deeply entrenched in the game’s lore and is a fan favorite. This card would make a great investment option for those looking at Pokemon cards.


First Edition Holographic Gyrados Pokemon Card

Last but not least is this Gyrados card. Gyrados is a sea monster, and in this photo, he has his mouth open wide in what is seemingly an attack position.

The card has two attacks listed, Dragon Rage and Bubblebeam, and they use three and four water energy cards, respectively.

Gyrados is the evolved version of the Pokemon Magikarp.

This card is another great investment option for those looking to buy some Pokemon cards.


Original Pokemon Cards Value

Out of all the original Pokemon cards, this holographic Charizard has the most value. For various reasons, this card remains the most expensive of all the original Pokemon cards. As mentioned above, the original holographic cards had low print runs and had issues with their condition.

This has resulted in cards like this Charizard today worth as much as a car when the card is in good condition. Overall, the holographic cards are worth more than the rest of the original cards due to their shorter print run, more visually appealing nature, and cult-like status of the Pokemon pictured on them.

As time continues, these cards will only be harder to find in good condition, and there’s no reason their value should fall.


Investment Outlook

Pokemon remains one of the most loved universes worldwide, and people continue to watch the shows, buy the cards, and play the game at a very high rate. This bodes well for investments in Pokemon cards, as high interest is critical to rising prices.

As mentioned above, the further we get from the original Pokemon release, the more these cards will be worth. As more and more kids join the world of Pokemon and grow into collectors, the investment outlook on Pokemon cards is excellent, and many of the cards listed above could see their price continue to grow.

Overall, if you pick one of the five cards listed above that fits your budget and hold it, you should see returns on par with other top cards and collectible investment options. If you don’t want to go for one of the investment options listed here, then any of the other original holographic cards will also be relatively substantial investments.


Original Holographic Pokemon Checklist

  • Holographic Alakazam
  • Holographic Blastoise
  • Holographic Chansey
  • Holographic Charizard
  • Holographic Clefairy
  • Holographic Gyrados
  • Holographic Hitmochan
  • Holographic Machamp
  • Holographic Magneton
  • Holographic Mewtwo
  • Holographic Nidoking
  • Holographic Ninetails
  • Holographic Poliwrath
  • Holographic Raichu
  • Holographic Venusaur
  • Holographic Zapdos


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