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Top 5 Sandy Alcantara Rookie Card Investments

At 11 years old, Alcantara moved in with his sister in Santo Domingo so that he could study and attend baseball practice. However, he dropped out of school in the eighth grade to focus on his baseball career. 

Alcantara signed with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2013 and played with the Dominican Summer League Cardinals in 2014, a rookie league affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. Alcantara began his professional baseball journey in 2017 with the Springfield Cardinals after pitching a 7–5 record and 4.31 ERA while leading the league with 20 wild pitches in a career-high 125.1 innings. The Cardinals promoted Alcantara to the major leagues in September of the same year.

TOP PICK: 2017 Sandy Alcantara Bowman Chrome Prospects

While some may say the go-it-alone starter is fading, he is not yet extinct. Alcantara’s fastball velocity generally sits between 97 and 99 miles per hour and maxes out at a whopping 101 mph. He uses a four-seam fastball and a sinker with above-average vertical and horizontal movement. And he insists on using his talent. 

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Unfortunately, the Cardinals traded Sandy to the Flordia Marlins to acquire outfielder Marcell Ozuna. It was not a horrible trade as Ozuna had some decent years with the Cards, but the break out of Sandy Alcantara has tipped the scales in favor of the Marlins and by a good margin.

Alcantara’s high-end stuff makes his cards impossible to ignore, so he’s gained the attention of sports card hobbyists. Let’s look at the top-rated Alcantara RCs for investment purposes.


1. 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BP43

2017 sandy Alcantara Bowman Chrome Prospects

Bowman Chrome is the second major release of the year and the only release that complied with only chrome cards. The Bowman Chrome Prospects consists primarily of that year’s International Prospect Signees. 

The card is dominated by the image of Alcantara in action, with the prominent blue signature on the player’s lower half as the second thing your eyes are drawn to. Alcantara’s name a position are printed below the signature. To the right and left of the player’s image are the chrome signifier and the label 1st Bowman.


2. 2018 Topps Living Set # 101

2018 sandy alcantara Topps Living Set

What is a “Living Set”? It’s a trading card set that starts with Card #1, but doesn’t have a final card. It’s also not tied to a specific season or era… but continues to live on year after year. As a result, it’s the first cross-generational product that can be collected and traded for years to come. 

This exciting, groundbreaking set is modeled after the historic 1953 Topps Baseball Design, the first hand-painted set. Even decades later, the set is one of the most popular with baseball fans as it features imagery from some of baseball’s all-time greats. 

This 2018 Alcantara RC card features a headshot of Alcantara wearing a Miami Marlins hat inside a black border – a traditional baseball card look. Below the image is the players’ name, position, team, and logo. The ‘RC’ emblem is featured above the text on the player’s shoulder.


3. 2018 Topps Chrome Sapphire Auto #AC-SA

2018 sandy alcantara topps chrome sapphire

Sapphire releases consist of the Topps version of a cracked ice parallel inspired by the precious gemstone. The brand is beautiful in the light of the lower value of base singles in current market conditions. One significant advantage of these releases is that they offer many rare parallels of familiar and desirable cards.

This 2018 Alcantara Topps Chrome Shappire card is stunning. The top half of the card features Alcantara mid-pitch over a dark blue background, and in the foreground, a cracked gemstone look is prominent over the player name, team, and logo. On top of the gemstone feature is a blue signature. On the top half of the card, you will find the ‘RC’ emblem and the Tops chrome label on the top right. 

The bottom half of the card is text-based and features his plater stats, a short description of Alcantara, and his pitching stats.


4. 2018 Topps Heritage Real One Red Ink RC #ROA-SA

2018 sandy alcantara Topps Heritage Real One Red Ink

Topps’ Heritage Baseball card series pays homage to the vintage Topps designs that long-time collectors know and love. The 2001 inaugural set recreated the 1952 Topps design. 

This 2018 Topps Heritage card screams vintage in its looks, and collectors love it. Alcantara is prominently featured in a pre-pitch posed position on a background that looks like a baseball stadium. At the bottom of the card, the Marlins’ name is in yellow block letters with the red ink signature just above.

Beside Alcantara’s head, on top of the sky background are important signifies of the card, including the ‘RC’ emblem and Topps Heritage label. On the other side, inside a circle, is the player’s name and position, with a card number in the series placed right above his shoulder.


5. 2018 Topps 1983 35th Anniversary Refractor RC

2018 sandy alcantara Topps 1983 35th Anniversary Refractor

Refactor cards refract light and have long been a collector’s favorite. In addition to being eye-catching, these cards signify a parallel that’s rarer than regular base cards. 

This card is simple but eye-catching. Alcantara is featured in a post-pitch action shot in front of a reflective background with his name, team name, and logo at the bottom.



In our opinion, these five Sandy Alacantar rookie cards will provide the top ROI over the long term, but margins can be close regarding the best cards for any player.

If you feel we missed a card that should have been on this list, please comment below or email us at

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