10 Legendary Comic Books Worth Investing In

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We’ve all heard about an asset or commodity that became an overnight global sensation worth millions while everyone thought it was dead. It’s always a vexing piece of news to hear, especially when it’s accompanied by lost hopes of what could’ve been!

In today’s world, digital art, such as certain NFTs, has become an example of a product that skyrocketed in price. Comic books are no exception.

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Comic books, in various grades and ranks, were once inseparable companions of children. They are now one of the most profitable investments you can make. Here are ten comic books worth investing in:


Action Comics #1

Action Comics #1

  • Meta Title: The Action Comics #1
  • Price: ($3.1 million CGC 6.0)
  • Year: 1938
  • Comic book number: #1
  • Series: Action Comics
  • Publisher: DC Comics

Action Comics #1 is the third most valuable comic book investment today. The original 1938 Superman #1 edition marked Superman’s debut, a new superhero who made contemporaries like Batman obsolete. The cover shows Superman effortlessly holding up a car above his head while people run away, in shock at the hero’s awesome power. 

The comic book was an immediate hit upon its release and the world fell in love with Superman. A new hero who could run faster than bullets, leap over skyscrapers, and be virtually indestructible was what made Action Comics #1 so successful. Although original copies of #1 were available for about $20,000 in the 90s, the comic book’s unparalleled success has led to exponential price growth. CGC 5.5 copies were available in 2003 for over $120,000. Versions are still available for less than $100, but due to the comics’ undying popularity and high demand, it is a wonderful investment idea.


Batman #1

Batman 1 comic book

  • Meta Title: Batman in his glory
  • Price: ($1.8 million CGC 8.0)
  • Year: 1939
  • Comic book number: #1
  • Series: The Batman Series
  • Publisher: DC Comics

Although Batman had made previous appearances in the past installments of the Detective Comics Series, Batman #1 is the most popular comic book featuring the caped crusader. The cover of Batman #1 shows the detective and his side-kick Robin grappling across the horizon with buildings in the background. 

The comic became an iconic installment due to the first appearance of the Joker and Catwoman. Due to the old age of the comic, finding unrestored copies is very tough. However, the comic book has kept increasing in value, with CGC 8.0 copies worth millions today, in comparison to about $50,000 in 2002. 

Batman became one of the most recognized figures in popular culture due to his effortless mix of the brooding, technically sound, and uncannily intelligent Dark Knight with the jovial, spoilt, and non-serious billionaire alter-ego. 

The tragedy that led to his eventual masking became one of the most beloved stories in action movies and comics, making Batman #1 a phenomenal investment opportunity. GD 2.0 graded versions of Batman #1 are available for $83,000. However, this comic has always had very high returns on investment, making it a worthy contender in the top ten list of comics worth investing in.


Detective Comics #27

Detective Comics #27

  • Meta Title: Batman’s first appearance
  • Price: ($1.7 million CGC 6.5)
  • Year: May 1939
  • Comic book number: #27
  • Series: Detective Comics Series
  • Publisher: DC Comics

Detective Comics #27 debuted the masked avenger. The cover shows Batman swinging across Gotham City while holding a thief in a headlock. Detectives appear spellbound, watching this strange scene from a nearby roof.

The #27 is the first comic book featuring Batman. The story revolves around the mysterious death of a man who dies of stab wounds. Commissioner James Gordon is called on to investigate the crime scene. When one of the suspects tries to escape, a horrifying figure turns up in a mask and cape to apprehend him. 

This figure teams up with Gordon, displaying an unmatched insight into things, a keen eye for detail, and immense strength. Gordon solves the case with Batman’s assistance and partners up with the mysterious figure.

Detective Comics #27 is one of the most coveted million-dollar comic books today, with virtually no unrestored copies in active circulation. Ungraded copies of the #27 comic books are available for $107 and are bound to increase in the future.


Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy #15

  • Meta Title: The famous Amazing Fantasy #15
  • Price: ($3.6 million CGC 9.6)
  • Year: 1962
  • Comic book number: #15
  • Series: Amazing Fantasy Series
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

Previous superheroes like Superman became world famous but quickly lost some of their popularity. Spiderman, however, has kept amassing an ever-increasing fan following. The rare Amazing Fantasy Series #15 features the web-slinger in his iconic red-and-blue costume swinging from building to building. 

Spiderman holds a man he seems to be saving in his right hand. The new superhero became a global icon due to his inhuman strength, speed, and agility while being relatable owing to the shy and caring nature of Peter Parker. 

The ordinary and unpopular Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains all the attributes inherent to the spider, sans the eight legs. 

After his uncle’s tragic passing, Peter dons the mask of Spiderman and becomes the hero we all know and love. Although the comic’s original price was a measly 15 cents upon its release, it is preposterously expensive now, with only three CGC 9.6 graded copies in circulation.


Captain America Comics #1

Captain America Comics #1

  • Meta Title: A symbol of hope, Captain America
  • Price: ($3.15 million CGC 9.4)
  • Year: 1941
  • Comic book number: #1
  • Series: Captain America Comics 
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

The introduction of Captain America during World War 2 made him immortal among comic book fans. The #1 edition features the Captain storming into a German gathering and punching Hitler squarely in the face. He has his classic blue and white outfit on with the first version of his ‘American Flag’ shield. The surrounding men on the cover seem to back away from the superhero in fear.

Captain America came to represent an all-smiling and selfless American hero who was desperate to help his country during the Second World War. His alter-ego Steve Rogers is a weak and small man who signs up for an experiment that ends with him attaining the peak of physical perfection. 

The Captain is then shown to participate in the War with his side-kick Bucky, leading America to victory. The 45-page comic sold out immediately on its release and was available in the 1940s for 10 cents. The highest graded copies cost a fortune today with the cheapest CGC 9.4 versions available for more than $900,000. Certainly, an investment to beat most modern-day NFTs! 


Journey into Mystery #83

Journey into Mystery #83

  • Meta Title: The God of Thunder’s debut
  • Price: ($432,000 CGC 9.4)
  • Year: August 1962
  • Comic book number: #83
  • Series: Journey Into Mystery 
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Journey Into Mystery series began as a thriller series but soon attained its status as a full-fledged action comic series with the appearance of Thor in the #83 edition of 1962. Thor was shown as the Norse God of Thunder, a tall, blond, muscular hero who could wield a hammer no one else could lift. 

With the appearance of DC’s Superman, Marvel fans yearned for a Superman of their own. The cover of the #83 would answer their prayers showing a figure with a red cape fighting what appears to be unearthly beings. Thor was a sensational hit as he could fly, was bulletproof, could control lightning, and -get this- had no weakness.

The 12-cent 1962 original editions are worth six figures today and the comic has never lost any of its popularity. A viable investment option, CGC 1.0 versions cost $1900 and are bound to increase in price further as fans flock to have their copy of the Journey Into Mystery #83.


Suspense Comics #3

Suspense Comics #3

  • Meta Title: The controversial cover of the #3
  • Price: ($280,000 CGC 6.0)
  • Year: 1944
  • Comic book number: #3
  • Series: Suspense Comics
  • Publisher: Continental

Suspense Comics #3 was first available for the public in 1944, during the height of the Second World War. The comic book belongs to the horror/suspense genre with a very controversial cover. A hooded figure is shown in the center of what appears to be a cult Nazi gathering. 

The man is surrounded by his fellow insurgents as they prepare for a ritual sacrifice. The cult members seem to be mixtures of the Ku Klux Klan but wear Nazi armbands, and the central figure poises a dagger with which he intends to stab a woman. 

However, the hero uses a spear to attack the woman’s killer and stop him before he commits his horrifying deed. The comic book was not related to superheroes and abandoned the typical happy atmosphere. Bitter and dark, the #3 subtly highlights the era of fear and hate of the time. The comic was widely read and still promises great returns to all seeking to invest in it. GD 2.0 copies of the Suspense Comics #3 are available for $10,000 and are likely to increase in the future.


Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four #1

  • Meta Title: Teamwork and super powers, the Fantastic 4
  • Price: ($1.5 million CGC 9.2)
  • Year: August 1961
  • Comic book number: #1
  • Series: Fantastic Four Series
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four Series #1 marked the first appearance of four of Stan Lee’s many characters. The cover features (Ben Grimm) The Thing, (Reed Richards) Mr. Fantastic, (Sue Storm) The Invisible Girl, and (Johnny Storm) The Torch. The four can be seen on the cover fighting a Green monster. The Fantastic Four were popular since their appearance marked one of the earliest teams in the Marvel and DC comic series. 

The four would face their enemies, show impeccable teamwork, and succeed in the face of insurmountable odds. The fully-colored 10-cent comic book is one of the most valuable comic books today and grade 4.0 copies are available for $28,500. The book is still highly coveted and promises great returns to purchasers.


Incredible Hulk #1

Incredible Hulk #1

  • Meta Title: The big green monster!
  • Price: ($490,000 CGC 9.0)
  • Year: May 1962
  • Comic book number: #1
  • Series: The Incredible Hulk
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Incredible Hulk #1 was Stan Lee’s prized creation. Bruce Banner is the central figure on the comic book cover, with a big green giant in the background wearing tattered clothes. Terrified people are running away in the distance with the now iconic statement on the top right corner, ‘Is he a man or Is he a monster?’

Bruce Banner is shown as a polite but intelligent scientist who has an accident one day while working in his lab. Bruce is exposed to gamma radiation and presumed dead. However, he miraculously survives and soon discovers his powers. Bruce turns into a huge green giant called the Hulk whenever he is angered. 

The Hulk is bulletproof, indestructible, and a maniac. He inspires fear in all those around him including the army and his friends. A colleague called Betty Ross eventually understands him and falls in love with him. The comic is a timeless piece and an exciting investment opportunity. Ungraded copies of the Incredible Hulk #1 are available for as little as $46. 


Superman #1

Superman #1

  • Meta Title: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…..Superman!
  • Price: ($5.3 million CGC 8.0)
  • Year: 1939
  • Comic book number: #1
  • Series: Superman Series
  • Publisher: DC Comics

The Superman #1 comic book is the most valuable comic of all time. The comic is unanimously the undisputed king of comic books since it marked the creation of Superman, shortly before Action Comics #1. Superman #1 introduces Clark Kent, a simple news reporter who belongs to a doomed planet called Krypton. Clark’s alter-ego is Superman, a virtual God who cannot be hurt by anything but a rock called Kryptonite. 

Since the world rejoiced upon the reception of this hero at a dark time in history, Superman #1 has always been loved and considered to be a masterpiece. CGC 5.5 copies sell for north of $200,000 making this investment a gold mine.


Investment Outlook

Comic books have always been popular, first as a simple means of entertainment and now as one of the most viable investment options and of course, they are still entertaining!  Anyone who can afford to purchase the earliest original versions of comics should do so as their prices will only go up in the future. Although all classic comic book genres are valuable today, the most lucrative investments come out of superhero comics, particularly Marvel and DC comics.

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